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THE ONLY FOOD SAFE VINYL MAT AVAILABLE - This patent pending 2-mat system is a revolutionary way to roll out and cover cakes with fondant. Use this Food Safe tool and our method to get professional results instantly! THE MAT is 30" X 30" and will cover up to a 20” cake (4” high) with EASE using this tool and method. EVERYONE from beginner to seasoned decorator will turn our professional results the first time and every time.


  • Dust Free Method: STOP drying out your fondant, STOP changing the recipe of your fondant, STOP making a mess, STOP causing fermentation from Corn Starch!!!
  • It's Sanitary: Minimizes or eliminates contact with bacteria laden countertops and skin
  • HUGE Cost Savings: With THE MAT, you can roll thinner, using less fondant.
  • Saves time: THE MAT allows you to roll out fondant and get it on the cake more quickly, PLUS you don't have cleanup!
  • Minimizes effort and Stress on the User: Easy to handle the fondant, Easy to get it on the cake, Easy to get a professional looking result with first time use.
  • Makes the cake TASTE BETTER: By rolling the fondant thinner, there is a less "bulky" mouth feel to each bite of the cake; Because you didn't use dust, the fondant didn't get "chalky"!
  • It's FOOD SAFE: Our manufacturer uses only FDA approved materials; "general purpose" vinyl is not approved as food safe.